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I sit here, angry at a man I have never met and can't really understand why.  Mark Calaway has been a main stay in my life since childhood. He was the one person on TV my father and I could agree on being worth watching. For two decades he was a weekly phenomenon in my home. His career is the stuff of legend and that is no hyperbole. If you stepped in the ring with him, The Undertaker was going to make you a star- or at least seem like one-.  a match with him could make your career.  He could literally make you famous just through association.

But tonight I can;t stand the thought of the man.  He lost.  That in itself doesn't bother me. A man can't win them all and, well, Mark is not as young as he used to be.  But he lost at Wrestlemania.  He has never lost at Wrestlemania. That is part of his mystic as a character, as a performer, and as an Athlete.  But this too i could overlook. Ending the streak is the stuff of legends too.  Had John Cena done it years ago, of Daniel Bryan done it tonight, I would have nodded and said, "He just made you a Superstar right there."  But did he drop it to a young up and coming guy who could use the push?

No. He didn't.

He dropped it to Brock Lesnar. A no talent wrestler who has become larger then he deserves.  He is now part of not one but TWO hated Wrestlemania matches.  That mess that was his fight with Goldberg ten years ago, and now this one. Lesnar did not need the boost. He did not need the over this would have given another wrestler.

On top of that the show they put on was boring and unentertaining.  Wrestlemania is called the grandest stage of them all and neither Mark nor Brock put forth the effort that title should demand.  They were both slow and halfheartedly performing.  It made me sick just to watch.  I mean down in my gut, churning and cramps sick.

Of course to be fair no other match was that great either.  If Wrestlemania 30 was where everything changed, then well, it is not changing for the better.

Of course the real reason I am so angry at Mark is that HE chose to drop the streak to Lesnar.  I don;t pretend to believe the redneck soap opera called WWE wrestling I know the matches are predetermined and that is what twists the knife. Mark has wanted to drop this streak to Lesnar for four years when more deserving wrestlers were denied. CM Punk Would have been a good choice.  Mark wanted to go out on a lose. That is fine. But not here. Not at Wrestlemania. People say he is old school like that. No. He is an idiot.  This move was not good for the brand or for the company.  All he did was disappoint the fans who had made him great and make the efforts of the past stars who made him over in the streak mean nothing.

He was 'The Phenom'  now he is just the old has been who lost to the part time wrestler.

To quote a wonderful movie, "A winning streak means nothing if you don;t win that last game."

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